Bringing Africa's youth to the forefront of Africa's economic reconstruction



ife omiwole

role: ventures

If AAV were a voyager ship, Ife would be the girl with one eye behind the telescope and another on the compass. She actively seeks out talent, mentorship and investment opportunities. Think you have the world's next hottest idea? Let her know! 

sharon nyakundi


Think of Sharon as the person who makes sure the ship sails smoothly and weathers every storm. She is responsible for the strategy brainstorming and implementation which aligns this venture to its intended impact. 


Senzeni mpofu

role: operations

Been there. Done that. Senzeni has experience and expertise starting up, consulting for and operating businesses in Asia, North America and Africa. She advises both ZAF and portfolio companies on key startup and daily operational activities. 





Mary ensures that the ZAF financial books as well as those of ZAF subsidiaries are in order. With a B.Sc in Economics and a CFA underway, Mary's eye for figures ensures that the lights stay on at ZAF and that the venture invests in only the most financially viable of ideas.